laneway home in Vancouver updates March 21

laneway home in Vancouver Well here it is almost three weeks later and all the drainage is finished, some landscaping done (with the bobcat), and the walls and floors of the laneway home are framed in (see pictures below). The weather has been on and off with some nice days, and some rainy ones. It’s […] Read more »

laneway home Vancouver updates March 1st

Laneway Home in Vancouver After having some trouble getting a Vancouver drainage contractor in to dig the sewer trench for the laneway home to the front of the property, I decided to do it myself. I rented a Bobcat E35 and hit the controls. It is not hard to get to know, and  after about […] Read more »

Work in progress January 2013

Wow, had a great Holiday season and feel really rested up and ready to go! Below are some pictures of what we are doing now, a multimillion dollar mansion on Vancouver West Side. All work shown below is not the finished product yet, we still have to prime paint it when the weather improves.   […] Read more »

Beware the repairman

I recently watched a CBC Marketplace report called ‘When the repairman knocks’ about repairmen who were called to repair ‘broken’ items in a home. The fact is the items were rigged to leak/fail and the fixes were very simple to repair and required no new parts. CBC Marketplace placed hidden cameras and filmed these repairmen […] Read more »

The coming labor shortages

The coming labour shortages   February 9, 2012 by Joe MacKinnon in Blog It’s no secret that the population of Canada is aging, and a huge pool of skilled talent will be dropping out of the workforce bit by bit, increasing every year. Immigration will partly offset this, but not enough to prevent skilled labour […] Read more »

I was hacked!

Recently my website was hacked by an irresponsible oaf. I am truly sorry for this interruption, and I vow to bring it back even better than it was before. You will be seeing some changes until it is in it’s new form. Please be patient and I’m certain you will be pleased. Sincerely, Joe MacKinnon […] Read more »