Ethics, Values, Mission/vision

Without solid values to guide us, we can drift slowly away from our best intentions.

Our Values


ProSmart Construction Operating Principles


Vision: A future where there is healthy, comfortable, efficient housing for everyone, where footprint size and energy requirements are substantially reduced or eliminated entirely, thereby helping our planet.

Mission: We work with eco-conscious clients to create cost effective, efficient, and beautiful living spaces. For us, any cuts to Co2 we can achieve from the typical renovation budget is worth the extra effort. We do this by constantly upgrading our knowledge, working with other professionals who care about the same things we do, and adhering to a code of conduct that will not allow us to pursue profit without first respecting our values.

–  We will always endeavor to promote, create, offer, and build solutions for energy efficiency and health.
–  We will provide the very best workmanship and customer service in the industry.
–  We care about our planet, realize we can make a difference on an individual basis, and have a fantastic opportunity in construction to use our intellect to affect real change.
–  We will not put profit before our values, and will turn down jobs that offer us no opportunity to reduce, re-use, or re-cycle.
–  We are constantly upgrading ourselves, for we believe in progress.
Code of conduct:
–  We promise to treat each project as if it were our own home; each client as a friend; and every job as a privilege. If we ever let you down, please let us know.
–  We will clean up at day’s end, and present ourselves in a professional manner always.
–  We will respond quickly, even if we don’t yet have your answer.