The Crew

The Crew


Emily hard at work

Hard working Emily

Introducing Emily Ibsen
Meet Emily – the newest member of our team. When we interviewed Emily, we realized pretty quickly that she was a perfect fit for ProSmart. Emily is a very special person who has many wonderful gifts that she happily shares with the world. She is strong on craftsmanship, and has a high standard when it comes to producing quality work, which she does with such cheerful grace. Everyone who meets her is drawn to her friendly smile. She is a hard worker, and is the first one to pitch in when something needs to be done, even if it is not part of her job. As a child, she grew up taking things apart and reassembling them because she has a high degree of curiosity about how things work, and has demonstrated her ability to learn new things very quickly. She is a very welcome addition to the ProSmart Team, and will do very well indeed!


Estela Torres

The Visionary

Introducing Estela Torres
Meet Estela, the driving force behind ProSmart. Her specialties are the vision, focus, and the important attention to details that our business needs in order to be at our best at all times. She has strong moral values and can work harder than any of us to get things done on time. She does a lot of the important back end work that needs to be done to help things flow smoothly on and off of the job sites.




Joe MacKinnon - President

Joe MacKinnon

Introducing Joe MacKinnon

With a Cape Breton heritage and fiddle music in his soul, Joe MacKinnon came to Vancouver with his family when he was only 10 years old. He grew up creative, curious, and could fix almost anything. At one point he had the neighbours bringing him their broken devices to repair. After trying various occupations, he hit upon Construction and it really stuck! It is just the right combination of creativity, intelligence, and hands-on craftsmanship that allows all his talents to be utilized to the fullest. Well, almost all…he likes to cook, or rather, he likes to eat great food that he prepares with gusto! See ‘The Cooking Contractor’ for more on this.